Latin American Cryptococcus Network Symposium

26th Sunday 8:30 t0 18:00

Chair: Elizabeth Castañeda, Colombia

Co-Chair: María Teresa Illnait, Cuba


Ecology/ Epidemiology

Coordinator: Elizabeth Castañeda, PatriciaEscandon, Colombia

8:30 – 8:55 Colombia Geographical dispersion of Cryptococcus gattii in Latin America

Patricia Escandón

8:55 -9:20 México Epidemiology of C. neoformans in Latin América

Laura RocíoCastañón

9:20 -9:45 Brazil Cryptococcosis and its agents in Amazonia

João Vicente Braga de Souza

9:45h-10:00h coffee break

Immunology and Host-Pathogen Interaction

Coordinator: Marcio Rodriguez, Brazil

10:00 -10:25 Brazil The capsule architecture and its role in the pathogenesis of Cryptococcus neoformans

Susana Frases

10:25 -10:50   Argentina Mechanisms of immunosuppression induced by cryptococcal capsular polysaccharide

Laura Chiapello

10:50 -11:15 Brazil Influenza virus as a predisposingfactor for cryptococcosis

Daniel Assis Santos

11:15 -11:40 Brazil Zinc metabolism in Cryptococcus-host interface

Charley Staats

11:40 -12:05 Brazil Role of calcium transporters on cryptococcal pathogenesis

Eamin Daidrê Squizani

12:10h – 14:00h lunch

Diagnostic and Mortality

Coordinator: Alicia Arechavala, Argentina & Rosely Zancopé-Oliveira, Brazil

14:00 -14:25 Brazil Prevalence of cryptococcalantigenemia in Latin America

Jose Vidal

14:25 -14:50 Brazil Mortality by cryptococcosis in Brazil

Ziadir Coutinho

14:50 -15:15 USA LFA Crypto test

Sean Baumann

Clinical aspects and Treatment

Coordinators: Jairo Lizarazo, Colombia & Eduardo Arathoon, Guatemala

15:15 -15:40   Brazil Guidelines for treatment of Cryptococcosis by Brazilian Cryptococcosis  network RCB

Maria Luiza Moretti

15:40 -16:05     Ecuador Employed regimens in Latin America for cryptococcosis treatment.

Ana Paulina Celis

16:20-18:30 Meet the professor  

16:20 – 17: 00

Early diagnostic and preemptive treatment  


Mario Leon Silva, Brazil & Kelsen Dantas Eulalio, Brazil


NeleshGovender , South Africa & José Vidal, Brazil

Speaker: Rinaldo Poncio Mendes, Brazil 

“Lateral flow assay in the early diagnosis of cryptococcosis in severely immunosupressed AIDS-patients from the Mild West Region of Brazil”

17:00 – 18:30

Susceptibility testing and epidemiological cut off


Cristina Canteros, Argentina & MariaLuizaMoretti, Brazil


John Perfect , USA & Carlos Taborda, Brazil


Susana Córdoba, Argentina 

How to use in clinical practice?

Marcia S.C. Melhem, Brazil

New approaches into antifungal susceptibility testing for Cryptococcus isolates